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Converse with the Society through Drama

As the first local theatre company to integrate the example of the UK’s "Theatre-in-Education" movement into its work, Chung Ying Theatre Company remains committed to preserving and promoting local arts and culture. Chung Ying actively incorporates applied theatre into its programmes, reflecting on our life and living, for the betterment of society.

SMILE™️ Chung Ying Kids Drama Course
SMILE™️ Chung Ying Kids Drama Course With years of experience in drama education, Chung Ying has compiled ample insights into children’s growth. “Process Drama” is cleverly applied to teaching for the enhancement of their cognitive and critical thinking abilities; communication skills and empathy, aiming at a whole-person development through drama. SMILE™️ is also a featured education programme of “Kwai Tsing Theatre Venue Partnership Scheme”, which nurtures the community, It was successfully registered as a trademark in 2016, leading the profession of children’s drama education in Hong Kong.
Creative Drama
Collaborating with schools or institutions to accommodate the individual differences of participants, the lesson content is adjusted to meet their diverse educational needs in a pleasant atmosphere. This empowers them to discover their potential, build confidence, and learn cooperation and self-expression, thereby transcending the traditional teaching mode.
Creative Fairy Tales’ Drama Creation in Practice Project
One of the projects under the “Taking Centre Stage: School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme," organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Based on the fairy tales and the application of “process drama”, the learning outcomes are showcased in a school performance.
SMILE™️+ Chung Ying Youth Drama Troupe
Following the Kids Drama Course, Chung Ying Theatre Company offers the SMILE™️+ Chung Ying Youth Drama Troupe for P4 to F5 students. The programme's theatre-training classes will further nurture their 5 developmental areas and hone their acting skills. Students can also partake in professional stage production to realise their potential in the theatre world.
MUSE UP! Youth Musical Theatre Troupe
Since its establishment in 2008, the troupe has not only provided members with musical training but also nurtured their care for the community through social services. Recently, field observations and thematic research have been introduced to enhance their overall cognitive and creative capabilities.
Youth Theatre Training Pilot Scheme
To the underprivileged, whether they are performers or trainees in the scheme, participation in the performing arts allows them to rediscover themselves, face the difficulties of growing up, learn about self-assurance, and appreciate everything around them.
Student Performance
Students are welcome to enjoy professional stage performances in the theatre with discounted tickets. Together with pre-show activities, educational materials and post-show talk, their interests in drama are greatly enhanced.
Drama Training / Devised Theatre
Provided by professional tutors, drama and acting training is tailor-made for students’ learning and development of creativity.
Teachers Training / Drama-in-Education (DiE)
Drawing on many years of training experience and insights, the teaching content is profound yet simple, enabling teachers to easily grasp the nuances of Drama Education or Applied Theatre. In addition, DiE provided by professional tutors, facilitates the integration of drama elements with subject matters, greatly contributing to both learning and teaching.
School Touring Performance
Collaborated with different organisations, positive messages are delivered to students through educational theatre performances.
Oral History Theatre
Chung Ying Theatre Company has been the first professional troupe to integrate “Oral History” and “Drama Training” since 2007. The stories of the participants are heard and recorded, not only restoring their experiences and emotions but also passing down the cultural history of Hong Kong through theatre. Among them, the Jockey Club “Once Under The Lion Rock” Oral History Theatre Programme successfully connected 600 seniors from different communities, who together performed in over 220 touring performances.
The Golden Aged Theatre
A platform for seniors to act and learn drama, this project brings their life stories onto the stage with hopes of responding to current social events and of giving these "mature actors" a sense of self-worth.
It’s developed for individuals recovering from mental illnesses. Elements of “Applied Theatre” are adopted to meet various needs, teaching about listening, relief, patience, and acceptance. Participants then embrace themselves, and further engaged in activities with fellow recoverees, embodying the spirit of self-help and mutual support, and promoting a culture of care and understanding.
Corporate Training and Others
Corporate Training in Drama
In collaboration primarily with NGOs or service-oriented enterprises, thematic drama projects are designed. Participants engage in the dramatic process at times, while at other times, they detach from it to reflect, thereby promoting new perspectives and a deeper investigation of the given circumstances. New insights and understanding are expected, for the overall enhancement of professional capabilities.
Theatre in Education (TiE)
It does not necessarily have to take place in a theatre; it can be in a classroom, playground, auditorium, etc. Through given circumstances, students are immersed in the situation and encouraged to participate in the performance. They continuously experience and reflect upon the story throughout the process.
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